Local Public Health Leadership Series

The purpose of the Local Public Health Leadership Series (LPHLS) is to enhance the ability of the local and state public workforce to exercise leadership in the delivery of Medicaid services. The LPHLS will develop core knowledge and skills related to identifying and responding to adaptive challenges. The focus will be on development of leadership competencies identified by the Kansas Leadership Center:  Diagnosing the Situation, Managing Self, Energizing Others and Intervening Skillfully. This is a four-month training offered by The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) in collaboration with the Kansas Association of Local Health Departments (KALHD).  

All public health professionals (anyone who works in a local or state health department or community health center) who want to lead more effectively.  Leadership involves mobilizing others, sometimes without direct authority to do so, in an effort to address difficult community challenges. These difficult, daunting, adaptive challenges don’t have a single expert or manager that can fix them. Progress can be made to address adaptive challenges but it will require learning, involvement of stakeholders and persistent efforts. Public health professionals are in key positions to provide this kind of leadership.

Dates – Fall/Winter 2021

Registration Required