Update: State Formula Funding Increase for Local Health Departments

KDHE was notified by the Kansas Department of Administration in June 2020 that there are significant cuts to programs/initiatives funded with state general funds due to the state budget crisis. Unfortunately, the $900,000 increase in State Formula funding that was allocated by the legislature has been completely cut from the SFY2021 budget. Since the allotment changes only impact funding amounts, the $12,000 minimum proviso remains law. This means the smaller departments will likely see increased State Formula funding whereas medium/large departments will see a cut versus what they received in prior years.

The Kansas Association of Local Health Departments (KALHD) had identified “State Support for Local Public Health” as a policy priority during the 2020 Kansas Legislative session. KALHD’s 2020 Policy Statement stated the following:

The State of Kansas ranks near the bottom nationally for public health funding. Per America’s Health Rankings in 2018, Kansas ranks 43rd in the nation. When it comes to local health support, according to KDHE the State’s “Aid to Local” funding has remained level since 1992, while the cost for providing services has increased with inflation. We support increased funding for public health services to strengthen the public health system and protect the health of Kansans. Funding for public health should be enhanced and substantially modified and should be identified to support core infrastructure and services as well as community-level work to address the social determinants of health. This information and the full KALHD 2020 Policy Statement can be found here.

KAHLD’s efforts in pursuing an increase in the State Formula to support local health departments resulted in the legislature adopting a budget that added $900,000 into the State Formula. This budget was signed by Governor Laura Kelly. In addition, a proviso for SFY 2021 increased the minimum payment form the statutory value of $7,000 to $12,000. Learn more at KAHLD’s website here.

More Information About Previous Developments in State Formula Funding Increase Proposal: 

With funding from the Kansas Health Foundation, KALHD has developed a number of legislative templates to help with communication about this topic. The legislative templates can be access on the KALHD website here.

A related bill requesting an increase in state formula funding has been proposed in the Kansas Legislature. Learn more about HB 2714 here

Reno County Health Department Director Nick Baldetti is a champion for the proposed funding increase. You can learn more here