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Stories are a vital part of building community. They remind us why we love the work we do and remind others that we’re all in this together. Not sure if your work is story-worthy? It is. We’ll help you figure out the details. READ MORE

“The COVID-19 Pandemic has been detrimental to many people’s mental health, with the stresses on workers in health care, education, and other essential services frequently highlighted. Less often, however, has attention been focused on the mental health needs of the public health workforce that has been in the trenches 24/7 since the beginning of the pandemic.” READ MORE

Supportive, encouraging and inclusive. These are just some of the words used to describe Jason Tiller, Saline County Health Department director, by those who work with him. Tiller, who’s been at the helm of the department for the past six years, continues to steer the agency during the uncharted course COVID-19 has presented. READ MORE

Governor Laura Kelly signed Executive Order No. 20-48 in June of 2020, establishing the Governor’s Commission on Racial Equity and Justice. The focus of this Commission is to study issues of racial equity and justice in Kansas. Two reports have been released: Policing and Law Enforcement in Kansas and Second Commission Report – Social Determinants of Health. READ MORE

“The trove of information in the report produced by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment offered insight into medical and behavioral challenges based on 10,000 telephone interviews conducted throughout 2019.” READ MORE

… while the number of infant deaths reported is the lowest on record for the state, disparities in infant mortality rates among vulnerable populations persist in 2019.READ MORE

“When COVID-19 hit Southwest Kansas in the spring of 2020, there was little information available about the disease in languages other than English.” READ MORE

The Prairie Band Health Center, located on the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation Reservation, has partnered with Jackson County Health Department to offer vaccinations to Jackson County residents. READ MORE

“The fact we’re seeing a spike in overdoses in March tells us there’s probably more to this.” READ MORE

“Fear of the unknown with medicine is expected, but with a decision like whether or not to sign up for a COVID-19 vaccine, education is everything.” READ MORE

While Wyandotte County is the lowest in state health rankings, the residents of Wyandotte used their strengths to rally against COVID-19. READ MORE

Many issues come to mind when asking Edith Gaines, Shawnee County Health Department Finance Officer and PHAB Accreditation Coordinator, why her health department decided to do a Racial Equity Impact Analysis. . READ MORE

The pandemic and the politics of COVID-19 have put tremendous strain on Kansas public health workers. READ MORE

Healthy People (HP) sets health promotion and disease prevention goals for the United States. Since 1980, HP has been updated for each decade and has been used by jurisdictions and agencies at the federal, state and local levels to develop and evaluate population-based health programs across the United States. READ MORE

Being pregnant during the pandemic can be scary – being told you have COVID-19 is even scarier. READ MORE

Looking ahead to a long weekend celebrating workers, let’s pay respects to one category of laborer most of us probably never thought about until the last few months: the epidemiologists of Kansas. READ MORE

Correctional facility conditions have the potential for a “perfect storm” for COVID-19 – close living arrangements, staff and offenders moving in and out of the facility and limited resources. READ MORE

The purpose of Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) is to ready our state and counties for a host of public health emergencies. The good news is a lot of preliminary work the counties have been doing via the PHEP program has paid dividends when it comes to the COVID-19 response. READ MORE

KDHE was notified by the Kansas Department of Administration in June 2020 that there are significant cuts to programs/initiatives funded with state general funds due to the state budget crisis. READ MORE

The What Works for Health database has over 400 evidence-informed policies and programs to make a difference in your communityREAD MORE

County health departments in Kansas lacked the resources and manpower to swiftly ramp up “boots-on-the-ground” work when the coronavirus pandemic hit, new research suggests. READ MORE

As Kansas re-emerges from statewide COVID-19 orders, a veto last week by Governor Laura Kelly has returned authority to counties to set health, business and mass gathering limits. READ MORE

The global spread of Covid-19 has placed the mask at the center of American life. READ MORE

As I’m writing this, Kansas has confirmed its 15th case of the novel coronavirus and our teams have switched to telecommuting for the foreseeable future. READ MORE

The outbreak of e-cigarette, or vaping, product use-associated lung injury (EVALI) in the United States received widespread media attention when CDC began investigating a cluster of teens and young adults in Wisconsin and Illinois hospitalized with unexplained, sudden onset severe acute respiratory distress. . READ MORE

Even under the best of circumstances, parenting a newborn child can be a difficult and challenging job. While a baby opens up a world of unmatched joy and happiness for families, caring for a newborn also strains the limits of human endurance. READ MORE

The tall steel structures that rise out of the ground at McCarty Family Farms in Thomas County are a dramatic interruption to the endless horizon of grassland and crop fields of the surrounding high plains. READ MORE

A landmark event to align the work of behavioral health and public health took place Sept. 30 at the Cyrus Hotel in Topeka. Ninety people representing behavioral health, public health, corrections, health care, schools and universities attended the Behavioral Health Community Planning Day. READ MORE

Cristi Cain, local public health program director and accreditation coordinator at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, is one of 12 participants in the National Network of Public Health Institute’s (NNPHI) 2019 Strategic Scholars Program, which helps public health professionals build and enhance key strategic skills for modern-day public health practice. READ MORE

Many of you may be familiar with the “Pair of ACEs” from the George Washington School of Public Health and the natural question that comes from this model – “What’s in your soil?” READ MORE

The neighborhood around Lincoln Elementary School is incredibly rich. It sits near Hutchinson’s largest public recreation area – Carey Park – which is home to an 18-hole golf course, a network of hike and bike trails, playgrounds for all ages of children, and a popular water park, Salt City Splash. READ MORE

As a follow up to last week’s post from the Barton County Health Department, Shelly Schneider shares their journey to move the work into the community through RiseUP Barton County. READ MORE

One of the reasons that our team wanted to create this online community was so that we can share the stories of our amazing partners from across the state who are learning more about how traumatic stress impacts their organizations and the people who they work with and alongside. READ MORE